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March 17, 2011

Five pound notes are still a rare offering

Filed under: Industry News — Tags: , , — Martin @ 12:37 pm

Recently, finding a £5 note in a cash machine has felt like winning the lottery. Figures obtained by the BBC have discovered that less than 3% of the ATMs in the UK dispense £5 notes. The first cash machine was first tested at a Barclays branch in Enfield in 1967 and produced bundles of 10 £1 notes.

So why do the cash machines only produce £10 or £20 notes when all we want or can afford in these recession-hit times are £5 notes?

The Bank of England have been running a campaign to bring them back into everyday existence. I have 2 cash machines in my local town that regularly allow me to withdraw £5 notes but do you struggle to find these ATMs? Read the story here: Five pound notes

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